10 stars whose pregnancy no one believed

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Haters argued: bellies are overhead, and surrogate mothers carry children. Usually, famous beauties are ready to be suspected of pregnancy for any reason. I put on a loose dress, took a photo not in full growth, but on the chest, even painted my nails with the wrong varnish – and now Internet users are writing congratulations on the coming addition in the comments.

But it happens the other way around: the stars officially announce they are interesting position, they don’t hide the tummy, tell in detail about the course of pregnancy, but they don’t believe them – and that’s it. Under the clothes, the belly of the consignment note, in the photo of the future mom in a bikini, a close-up is a montage, and the surrogate mother carries the child.

We remembered 10 stars in whose pregnancy no one believed, and completely in vain.

Meghan Markle

A photo Chris Jackson / Chris Jackson Collection / Getty Images

As you know, the British from the very beginning was not enthusiastic about Meghan Markle. Therefore, many theories of conspiracy arose immediately around the duchess’ pregnancy. Her belly was carefully examined in every photo, finding evidence of both its unnatural form and the fact that it does not grow. Megan was accused of going to a cosmetologist for procedures that are unacceptable during pregnancy. In general, the life of the future mother became many times more difficult. It is not surprising that she then did not want to show little Archie to the public for a long time.

Kate Middleton

A photo Legion media

You will not please these British! Kate, at one time, was also suspected of having walked with a fake belly for 9 months, and in the hospital, they gave her the child that the surrogate mother gave birth to. The thing is that after 12 hours after giving birth, she was already photographed on the porch of the hospital and looked amazing. “This cannot be,” the public decided. You cannot call the iron argument, but some still believe.

Anna Kournikova

A photo @annakournikova

The fact that in 2017 Anna and Enrique Iglesias became parents of twins, it became known only a month later, when the couple shared pictures of the kids on social networks. Then many haters attacked the tennis player, they say, she did not give birth to herself, and therefore did not publish photos during pregnancy and completely disappeared from the Internet. The audience’s doubts were reinforced by the pictures of the girl after the appearance of the kids: she is too slender for twice her mother. Then Anna got tired of the accusations against her. The athlete posted on Instagram a photo at the 37th week of pregnancy, and all doubters had to accept defeat.


A photo Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic

Daughter Beyoncé and JJ Blue Ivy are already 8 years old. But to this day, people believe that the singer was not pregnant. The thing is in the video, which then went on the network: on some talk show, when a pregnant star sat down, her stomach seemed to “fold”, as if it were hollow. The point here is the angle and the dress, in addition, the video is of very poor quality. But this was enough for the haters.

Katie Holmes

Maybe Tom Cruise’s eternal Scientology secrets are to blame, but every aspect of Suri Cruz’s birth seemed suspicious to others. Katie’s absolutely normal growing stomach made people think that she had in her mansion a whole cabinet of fake bellies of different sizes. And then, when Tom and Katie did not want to show the newborn Suri, everyone began to doubt that the girl even existed. But now, after 11 years, no one will say that the girl is not a copy of Holmes.

Janet Jackson

A photo GettyImages

Janet announced that she was pregnant with her first child, at the age of 49. Today it is quite possible, especially for a celebrity who can spend any money on solving fertility problems, but her age is still unusual. Therefore, some began to believe that Janet actually plans to take the child from the shelter and pass him off as her own. Incredible theories were also being built: they say that Jackson actually gave birth at the age of 16, and now her grandson or granddaughter will appear, whom she will raise as her own child. Well, then this gossip came to naught.

Eva Mendes

A photo Getty

In 2014, the star disappeared from the radar for seven months and then announced that she was pregnant from Ryan Gosling. Fans did not immediately believe it. Firstly, no one saw the actress for a long time and could not confirm this. The second reason is even more ridiculous: at that time, many fans hoped that Gosling would reunite with Rachel McAdams. What kind of child is this? Only after the birth of baby Esmeralda did the public calm down.

Jay lo

A photo Legion-media.ru

The story behind Jennifer Lopez’s “fake pregnancy” is even funnier. When she, already in position, first came out, her stomach looked simply huge. Fans doubted: is he real? But then not one baby was born, but the twins Max and Emma, ​​and everything came together in a logical chain.

Kim Kardashian

Some of the early photographs of her first pregnancy made Kim haters think she was just gaining weight to look pregnant. Kardashian was never thin, and in the very early stages, perhaps, it seemed that she just got better. To close everyone’s mouth, the reality star completely abandoned the usual clothes for expectant mothers and put on the sexiest outfits even in recent months.

Nicole Kidman

A photo Taylor Hill / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

With Tom Cruise, she had two adopted children, and there were no questions. Having married Keith Urban, the actress at the age of 41 gave birth to her first child – daughter Sunday. People doubted that Nicole was really pregnant with her daughter Sunday, because her stomach, even at 8 months old, was not too big. Some even came up with the idea that a child of a star couple is being nurtured by Anthony Kidman’s sister. However, after the birth of Sunday, and then the second daughter, Faith, all doubts disappeared.

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