Best high intensity fitness events in London for women


Looking for some fun, high intensity fitness events for women in London? Try these out for size. 

The sisterhood is a powerful thing. When we feel unconfident or filled with nerves, the support of the women around us can encourage us to push through, whether that be a scary-slash-exciting career opportunity or stepping out of our comfort zone in a different way entirely.

And something that, especially for fitness beginners, feels like a giant leap out of the comfort zone is getting involved in sport. There are loads of factors that can as women especially put us off. Maybe it’s feeling self conscious in sportswear (strapping on a pair of lycra leggings can feel pretty weird if you’re usually caught donning a floaty dress), not knowing exactly what to do or how to do it, or maybe even being scared to run alone in your neighborhood.

It’s at times like these that the sisterhood is more important than ever. Some feel that the fitness industry is still geared more to the male market, but women are putting their stamp on it more and more every year, with supportive female-focused events popping up all over London especially where you can improve your fitness with other women around you.

From drag queen dance classes to a 10k run, we think these fantastic-sounding fitness events in London will inspire you to jump into the action, and hopefully make some new friends too. 

London Twerk Fitness Festival 

Does the idea of going for a jog make you want to nod off? Spice up your fitness routine by improving your twerking skills, at the inaugural London Twerk Fitness Festival. Created and brought to the UK from Miama, USA, by Simone Sobers, this is a one day fitness festival designed for women only, to twerkout to hip-hop, dancehall, and afrobeats.

How much? Individual classes are priced at £13, while a whole day pass will cost you £52, leaving you to try all four classes each one themed on one of the greats: Rihanna, Cardi B, Beyonce and Nicki. 

Where is it? Base Dance Studios, 4 Tinworth Street, London, SE11 5EJ

When is it? 11 May, 10am-2pm. 

The Big Bash

Fitness Blastoff puts on a mixture of fitness events and classes that feel more like a night out than going to the gym. The Big Bash sounds like one of their most dynamic yet, described as a five hour dance fitness rave with a live DJ, up to eight dance fitness sessions and qualified instructors and presenters in a party atmosphere.

Attendees are encouraged to dress in tropical theme, bring whistles to make some noise and even your country’s flag to rep where you’re from. 

How much? £15-20

Where is it? 229 the venue, Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5PN

When is it? 3 August, 12:30pm-4pm

LoveFit 2019: Adventure, Fitness & Music Festival

Unleash your inner drag queen with Drag Aerobics’ fabulous dance workshops, an you’ll be shimmying your heart out in no time. Classes involve all of your favourite dance classics and “camp anthems” to help you get in the mood to learn steps which may consist of, but are not limited to, strutting, sassing, swish-bishing and twerking.

Taking all of the seriousness out of working out, not only are these dances hilarious and feel good, but there’s post work-out prosecco on offer too. 

How much? £13-15

Where is it? Trapeze Bar, 89 Great Eastern Street, East London, EC2A 3HX

When is it? Dates throughout May and June. 

10k run and Train Brave talk with Twice the Health and Lululemon 

Twice the Health is made up of nutritionist Emily and PT Hannah who happen to not only love fitness, but are best friends too. They have an amazing website and impressive social media following where they share recipe and exercise tips, and they’ve teamed up with Lululemon and experts Renee McGregor and Tom Fairbrother to host a 10k run and panel discussion about the pressures of training, and the freedom of doing it on your own terms. 

How much? Free

Where is it? lululemon, 187-191 Regent Street, London, W1B 4JP

When is it? 16 May, 6pm–9pm

Mudder Women 

You might have heard of Tough Mudder, the hardcore fitness events that see hordes of exercise enthusiasts running through mud, jumping over obstacles and completing what appear to be some of the most tiring courses we could imagine. Well, born out of the Tough Mudder family comes Mudder Women, the same kinds of thing but exclusively for women meaning those that might feel uncomfortable going to the bigger events have a more female-focused environment to compete in. 

How much? from £65

Where is it? Holmbush Estate, Holmbush Farm, Crawley Road, Faygate , RH12 4SE

When is it? 21 and 22 September

Images: Instagram / Getty 

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