Covid-19 does not spare: Stars that have become infected with a dangerous coronavirus

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We talk about celebrities who reported their diagnosis and their wishes to fans during the quarantine. The insidious coronavirus Covid-19 is another proof that in essence, all people are the same. It is equally dangerous for both Ukrainian earners and world stars. We tell which of the celebrities picked up a dangerous sore. And also what advice do sick fans give to their fans so that they don’t catch the virus that caused the pandemic.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Spouse actors became the first celebrities to claim to have the coronavirus. The couple became infected in Australia, where they shot the biopic of Elvis Presley, in which Tom participates. Spouses, who are now 63 years old, reported that they feel, as far as possible, not bad. And Rita Wilson even asked fans to help her create a music playlist to keep herself in a good mood. The actors spent five days under observation in the hospital, but they were already allowed to be treated at home. Covid-19 was also suspected by the director of the picture, Baz Lurman, but nothing happened. The virus did not touch the other members of the film team.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Rita Wilson / Instagram

Olga Kurilenko

An actress of Ukrainian origin the other day said on her Instagram that she was in self-isolation due to the fact that she was also diagnosed with an insidious infection. According to Olga, her main symptoms are weakness and fever. The actress also asked her fans to take quarantine measures seriously.


Christopher Heavy

The healthy Tormund from Game of Thrones also defeated the coronavirus. Norwegian actor Christopher Heavier told fans that he tolerates the disease easily, but strictly enforces quarantine with his entire family. In his post, the actor recalled that a large number of patients can create a heavy burden on hospitals, so everyone is responsible for ensuring that this does not happen and everyone who needs help can get it fully. In response, fans jokingly advised Khivyu to be treated with giant milk – it was with his help that the main character of the actor survived a blizzard in the forest behind the Wall.

Christopher Heaview as Tormund, Game of ThronesHBO

Idris Elba

The British actor was most lucky, he suffers from the disease with virtually no symptoms – this also happens. Nevertheless, Elba received positive results for the Covid-19 test and has since been in self-isolation. He asked his fans to take a pragmatic approach to the need for quarantine and in no case to panic.


Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

The wife of the Prime Minister of Canada returned sick from her trip to the UK. She issued a special appeal to the citizens of the country with a call to be strong and sent a warm hug to everyone, but only virtual because, during the present, the virus can be easily transmitted. It is noteworthy that on March 4, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau posed at the same event for a photo with Idris Elba, and now they are sick.

Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie

Callum Hudson-Odoi

19-year-old player of the London “Chelsea” felt the first symptoms of the disease on March 9, did a test, and he was positive. But young age and good physical shape did their job – Callum has already recovered and is eager to train. Nevertheless, the English Premier League decided to suspend matches until April 4.

Callum Hudson-OdoiOpen Source

Mikel Arteta

But not one Chelsea forced the Premier League to quarantine. Arsenal also has patients. For example, the coach of the club Mikel Arteta. While in quarantine, he asked fans to take precautions not only for their own sake but also for the well-being of others. Such mutual care always gives good results.

Mikel Arteta Mikel Arteta / Instagram

However, there are stars who are a little luckier. For example, Celine Dion, after a series of concerts in Europe, felt unwell, took a test, and her illness turned out to be a common cold. The king and queen of Spain talked with a sick official but did not seem to be infected by him. Now they regularly measure temperature just in case. For approximately the same reason, US President Donald Trump was tested. His result is negative. The cold model Heidi Klum, despite the doctors’ assurances that she has a more familiar form of ARVI, insisted on an analysis for herself and her husband, musician Bill Kaulitz. Bill was healthy, Heidi is still waiting for the results. The director of the Marvel universe movie about the superhero Shang-Chi Destin Kretton forced the whole team to quarantine because he was suspected of Covid-19, but nothing happened.

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