From simpletons to beauties: how make-up artists change the faces of stars

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It’s probably hard to imagine that without makeup, stars can look like ordinary people, but this is true. Perfect styling, beautiful make-up and thoughtful outfit to the smallest detail – this is how we imagine celebrities, but they do not always look like this. In paparazzi pictures or on selfies (with the obligatory hashtag “without makeup”), celebrities do not look so attractive. It is at these moments that you understand that a whole team of makeup artists works on each image of the stars, which completely changes their faces and makes them many times younger and more attractive.

Model Heidi Klum was seen many times without makeup, and each time it is quite difficult to find out: a large number of wrinkles and circles under the eyes do not make her beautiful. But thanks to makeup artists who create the perfect tone and hide all the flaws, Heidi automatically looks 10 years younger. It is noteworthy that she prefers to focus on the eyes, thereby diverting attention from wrinkles.

But Jennifer Lopez looks equally good with makeup and without. Despite the fact that the star is already 50 years old, Jay Law does not hesitate to publish his selfies without a single gram of makeup, but at the same time looks like the most ordinary girl. However, for events, the celebrity always uses the services of makeup artists and is not afraid to experiment with makeup, choosing monochrome images that are not for everyone.

Lady Gaga rarely appears without makeup, but finding her without makeup is pretty difficult. And all because of the fact that she has pale skin and light eyelashes and eyebrows, which for events make at times darker. Makeup artists have to make a lot of effort to create the singer her usual stage image, which can rightly be considered very extravagant.

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