How the world of fashion and beauty reacted to coronavirus

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The virus epidemic as a whole has influenced consumer behavior in China, and later in other countries. Sales of basic necessities (especially long-stored products and household chemicals, as well as medicines) increased or remained unchanged, while purchases of clothing decreased.

The year began with the fact that at the end of January Levi’s brand closed almost half of its stores in China. Capri Holdings, which owns well-known brands such as Versace, Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo, has also closed more than a hundred stores located in China.

Ralph Lauren suspended operations at approximately 2/3 of its Chinese outlets, and, according to preliminary estimates, by the end of the year, they will receive $ 55-70 million in profit.


Fashion Weeks in Shanghai, Beijing, and Seoul

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, Asian fashion weeks are postponed indefinitely. Shanghai Fashion Week was supposed to begin on March 26, Beijing Fashion Week – March 25-31. It is not known exactly whether the events will be completely canceled or postponed to a later date. Seoul, preparing to hold a fashion week from March 16 to 21, completely canceled it.

Meanwhile, more local capsule displays also suffered, and each brand solved the problem in its own way. Burberry planned to hold an exclusive collection in Shanghai on April 23, but now they are forced to move it to the fall. If all social events are postponed for this period, then the end of the year will be eventful.
The Chanel Métiers d’Art show in Beijing was supposed to take place in May, and despite the fact that he still has one and a half months left, he was postponed indefinitely. And the show of the Prada cruise collection in Japan instead of May 21 this year will be held already in 2021! “This decision was made as a precautionary measure, as well as an act of responsibility and respect for all people who plan to attend our Resort-2021 show,” Prada representatives said.
Giorgio Armani acted differently: he did not cancel the show but conducted it without spectators – this set an example for many television shows that are starting to operate in the same mode this week. At the demonstration of the new collection from Armani, only photographers were present, and viewers were able to see the show online. The brand also closed its store in Milan until better times.
Giorgio Armani.jpg
Michael Kors decided to cancel the presentation of his new capsule collection, and Dolce & Gabbana donated money to study the response of the human immune system to the Covid-19 virus.

Protective Mask Industry

In the meantime, face masks have become the most important accessory for any health-conscious fashionista. Over the past two weeks at the shows, we saw in masks not only stars but also the models themselves. It seems that some brands have something to offer. For example, Marine Serre decorated this medical accessory with branded patterns in the form of a cage, crescent and crow’s feet to match the outfits.

Marine Serre.jpg
Marine Serre.jpg
Marine Serre.jpg
Marine Serre.jpg
Marine Serre.jpg

And the Fendi brand has been producing fashion masks for $ 190 apiece for a long time, and they have been sold out.
Yana Rudkovskaya demonstrated how a protective mask with the help of voluminous applications, stones, and a designer approach becomes a vivid addition to a stylish image for publication.

Yana Rudkovskaya.jpg

More and more celebrities appear in public places and on photos in social networks with a covered face, and recently the issue of Glamor magazine was published in print, on the cover of which Lena Temnikova flaunts in a respirator and without retouching. Thus, they demonstrated a general tendency toward honesty, self-care, and behavior awareness.

Lena Temnikova.jpg

Antiseptics will be released instead of perfumes

LVMH Corporation is re-equipping Christian Dior, Guerlain and Givenchy brand factories to produce antiseptics. Thus, company president Bernard Arnault decided to help hospitals combat the risk of coronavirus spread.

About 12 tons of the sanitizer will be delivered to 40 hospitals in Paris at no cost. The first deliveries have already begun on Monday, March 16th.
In France, with the advent of coronavirus for disinfectant gels, increased demand arose, it became difficult to find this product in pharmacies, and prices soared several times. By the way, the French government has already adopted a decree according to which the retail price of 100 mg of the drug should not exceed 3 euros.

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