How to tidy up the body by summer: tips from Alina Botanovna

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How to make a scrub, what is the use of the bathhouse and what is a “stomach vacuum”: says blogger Alina Botanovna ( @botanovna_ ).

Alina BotanovnaLet’s be honest: turning a figure from scratch is work! This painstaking work, requiring effort and will. On the one hand, this is the most effective approach: a set of measures, patience, rejection of the momentary result (because it does not exist). I realized this at the time of my passion for fitness and working as a trainer in fitness camps.
But, on the other hand, sometimes we need a purely visual effect: toned skin, tone, light relief, lack of stretch marks and cellulite. And this can really be achieved in a shorter time if you follow a few rules:


You can practice both at home and in sessions with a specialist. At home, do rubbing with a dry brush after a shower, this will accelerate blood circulation and lymph flow, even out tubercles. Another option: sign up for lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite massage in the salon, this will be heavy artillery that will hit the orange peel! The most important thing is stability and regularity. Even in a week, you can significantly tighten your skin if you approach systemically. The key to success is constant care.

Alina BotanovnaScrubs

It works great when combined with massage and a contrast shower. A good scrub can be bought at a cosmetics store or can be made at home. For example, mix ground coffee, coconut oil, and some water. You can use coffee after the Turks or buy it on purpose; the most expensive one is not needed at all. We mix all the ingredients, cook in a jar, use during water procedures – the skin rejoices! Salt and sugar scrubs are popular, they are more stringent. It’s better not to do them yourself, but to buy them already ready: the composition should have an adequate dosage and the correct particle size so as not to harm the skin. You can rub the whole body with a scrub, but strengthen the action on problem areas (usually these are the hips and stomach).


Those who at least once went to the bath know what a feeling! Excess fluid is removed from the body, lightness appears in the body, the skin becomes refreshed and much more even. If you have the opportunity to make this procedure your ritual, use it! It will be useful not only for the skin but also for general well-being. The bath can be combined with massage and scrubs, you can walk in problem areas with a broom, cellulite will definitely not be happy about it.

Temperature contrast is good for skin tone when after a steam room you get under a cold shower, and then you run back to warm up again. Of course, there are health contraindications for the bath, but if you have everything in order, then this is another great way to tone the skin.

Salt baths

Alina BotanovnaIf you have a bath at home – use it for its intended purpose.
In the process, blood flow increases, metabolism is accelerated, beneficial substances penetrate the pores of the skin, all this helps to smooth it. You only need sea salt, but you can add essential oils. And it’s important to follow a few rules! The temperature of the water should be approximately like body temperature, not too hot. The area of ​​the heart should be above the water level to reduce the burden on the cardiovascular system. “Lying around” in such a bath is better on an empty stomach and no more than half an hour. It is better to take a course in order to feel the effect: 10-12 baths with interruptions, every 2 days.


Many people neglect this point, and in vain! After all, skin that lacks moisture is more prone to imperfections, stretch marks, peeling. I try to always use oil and cream after a shower in order to restore water balance, especially in winter and in the off-season, when heating works. So even if you do not have visual problems, hydration is essential for prevention.
Of the oils, coconut, argan, and cocoa butter are best suited. The main thing is to apply it on wet skin: it retains moisture better, while on dry skin the effect will be the opposite. The cream is also good, especially with anti-cellulite effect – in order to “finish” the result.

Alina Botanovna

Vacuum Belly

A very useful habit that works not only outside but also inside! Many people want a flat stomach, but few people know that it is not built on the endless pumping of the press. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger knew about this, who simply adored the vacuum. It tightens and tone internal organs, “massaging” them, accelerates metabolism and includes digestion, improves its work. All this affects the plane of the abdomen. We do it regularly, on an empty stomach in the mornings, it is better in front of a mirror to see and understand everything. We bend slightly, rest our palms on the hips in front, make a noisy exhalation with our stomach, as if trying to release all the air out of ourselves and draw in our stomach. He should “stick” to the spine. Hold your breath to its maximum, then relax and repeat. Gradually, the amount of time and approaches can be increased. If you are not lazy during the week, you can reduce the waist by 3 cm! And imagine what the effect will be in months. There are contraindications: pregnancy, critical days and gastrointestinal tract diseases.

Of course, all this is best applied systemically but ideally combined. For example, start in the morning with a vacuum, then take a contrast shower with a scrub, massage, moisturize the skin. And in the evening leave a visit to the bath or salt bath. If you continue all this for at least a week, the visual result is guaranteed! And if you add physical exercise and proper nutrition, then soon you may not recognize yourself at all. Check it out for yourself.

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