No photoshop: Malinovskaya showed cellulite on the buttocks

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The TV presenter suddenly became a supporter of body positive. The 39-year-old TV presenter Masha Malinovskaya has never been a modest representative of Russian show business. Either the spectacular blonde is accused of using illegal drugs, the star herself gives cause for conversation, appearing in a provocative outfit without underwear.

A photo Vadim Tarakanov / Legion-Media

However, the recent Malinovskaya post, it seems, can claim the title of the frankest television presenter in the history of the microblog. In the photo, Maria appeared to subscribers in a leopard corset and neon body of a predatory color, almost completely exposing her imperfect buttocks.

In the photo are tsiguliao, poker face and the place where all the evil haters find themselves after death! Are you weak? Asked Malinovskaya.

It is worth saying that the rather bold publication of Masha caused far from mixed opinions among fans. Some condemned the star for the content, calling it too vulgar, others hastened to find out with what exercises Malinovskaya managed to achieve such forms. There were also those who doubted their authenticity.

So she has implants.

Masha, is this your natural ass or is it implants?
If your own, then the class is so inflated!

Maria, what exercises for buttocks do you do?

A photo @malinovskaya_tv

It is worth saying that the picture caused such a stormy reaction among the fans that Malinovskaya was forced to answer all the questions of the subscribers with another post. It turned out that with a bold photo, the TV presenter wanted to draw attention to the issue of low self-esteem of millions of women due to imposed standards of beauty.

Almost all women (86%) and girls under 17 years old (87%) in Russia refuse such important events as meetings with friends and relatives, participation in public life, membership in teams or clubs if they are not satisfied with their own appearance. In addition, the majority of Russian women (69%) and the overwhelming majority of teenage girls (83%) are embarrassed to defend their point of view or decision, and also refuse to interview, work or other help. And if one of my subscribers just felt better or changed their minds to postpone the interview or date, then I’m happy! – explained Malinovskaya.

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