Olga Kurylenko and other quarantined stars due to coronavirus

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Trips abroad ended for celebrities at home. The coronavirus, which began in China, has captured almost all of Europe. The day before, Chinese scientists reported when the epidemic would end. According to experts, the coronavirus will spread worldwide at least until June.

Celebrities have not parted with medical masks for a long time, they put on bandages even on social events. However, even these precautions did not protect some of the stars from quarantine.

Tom Hanks

A photo Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Staff / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

In the list of stars infected with coronavirus, the first was Tom Hanks. The 63-year-old American actor announced this on his Instagram.

“Hi, people. Rita (actor’s wife. – Note. Wday.ru) and I’m here in Australia. We felt a little tired as if we had a cold and some pain in the body. Rita had a chill that came and went. Low temperature too. In order to live correctly, as is now customary in the world, we passed testing for coronavirus, and the result was positive, ”Tom Hanks told his Instagram followers.

A photo @tomhanks

“So now what. What to do next? Medical officials have protocols that must be followed. We Hanks will be tested, observed, and isolated as long as public health and safety are required. We will keep the world informed and update information. Be careful! Your Hanks. “


A photo Legion media

Bond girl Olga Kurylenko also became infected with the coronavirus. In her Instagram, the 40-year-old actress said she was currently in quarantine, and also described her condition.

“I’m sitting in isolation at home with a diagnosis of coronavirus. I’ve been sick for almost a week. Temperature and weakness are my main symptoms. Be careful and take it seriously! ” – shared the actress with subscribers who left a lot of comments with wishes for recovery.

Yana Rudkovskaya

A photo @rudkovskayaofficial

On March 8, a well-known producer met not at a social party or in a restaurant, but in the walls of her house. Yana Rudkovskaya was quarantined for two weeks.

“For the first time in my life, I’m sitting at home on a holiday and will be there for another 9 days. I’m in quarantine for 14 days after my trip to France, ”Rudkovskaya said on Instagram. – And now I’m still forced to postpone the celebration of our anniversary, for which we have been preparing for six months, from March 11 to 24. We will also transfer the long-awaited vacation to the Maldives! This, of course, is all very difficult, since everything is already charged for the holiday, but I really do not want to violate the decree of the Mayor of Moscow and really want all my guests to feel comfortable and be out of quarantine. ”

Ksenia Solovyova, Tatler Editor-in-Chief

Ksenia Solovyova “pays” quarantine for a working trip to Milan.

“The hardships of quarantine life. Clear business, pajamas, jasmine tea and timid attempts to ruin the life of colleagues in the office with calls, – shared Ksenia’s photo of “house arrest”. – Colleagues from all Condé Nast offices, who had the imprudence to go to Milan Fashion Week, were put in quarantine for 14 days. It’s time to announce a flash mob, what a working day looks like in a new reality. ”

Maria Fedorova, editor-in-chief of Vogue Russia

Quarantined after a trip to Paris and Maria Fedorova.

Fashion Marathon is over. I work from home. Fashion quarantine, – Vogue Russia chief editor recently announced. – Therefore, I continue to admire Paris, as I saw it yesterday – there was frost and sun, and clouds like people and rain. But Paris, like fashion, is good in any weather. Especially when in a good company of friends and colleagues. ”

Tom Cruise

A photo Anthony Harvey / Stringer / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

According to media reports, the Hollywood star was stuck due to the coronavirus in Venice. The actor flew to Italy to shoot a new part of the film “Mission Impossible.” However, soon the country was quarantined. Work on the picture was suspended, and the film crew was temporarily closed at one of the best hotels in Venice.

True, later the representative of the actor said that Tom Cruise himself was not in Italy, and the film crew will soon be sent home.

Lior Narkis

The popular Israeli singer and his two children were sent for home quarantine in late February. It turned out that they visited a toy store in which a man with a coronavirus worked. Due to quarantine, Lior had to cancel 20 concerts.

“But the health of my family and all of you is dearer to me,” the singer said.

Upon learning that an infected employee was working in the toy store, Lior himself called the ambulance service and, after consulting with the doctor, decided to quarantine.

Who else?

The coronavirus epidemic forces us to change plans for other stars. So, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom planned to have a grand wedding in China, but now they are postponing the holiday to a different date.

Sadly announced the cancellation of concerts due to the Mariah Carey virus. Madonna said she would not go on tour to Paris, Olga Buzova canceled her vacation, and Naomi Campbell is more or less active in terms of moving around the world, but she flies and goes in a mask everywhere, which scares fans, and ordinary passengers too.

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