Planet Fitness customers shocked after worker caught spying on woman


(RALEIGH COUNTY)  An investigation is under way after an employee at Planet Fitness in Beckley was supposedly caught spying on people while they were tanning.

“If I knew someone was spying on me in the tanning beds, I wouldn’t want to go there anymore,” Nathaniel Tyree a Planet Fitness customer said.

According to Beckley Police a complaint was filed last week when a woman claimed someone was watching her while she was in one of the gym’s private tanning rooms. Beckley Police said an employee has admitted to these actions. He revealed to police that he had a device that was capable of recording.

“It can happen anywhere. Anywhere that’s open to the public and you have people that will do those sort of things and will find a way to do that no matter where that’s at,” Melanie Hicks, another gym member added.

“I feel like it happens all the time, but nobody really knows about it,” Tyler Stover who works out daily said.

As of right now police have not made an arrest, but people who workout at the gym hope justice is served.

“I hope they have consequences for doing that,” Tyree said.”It will make me a lot more cautious when I am in there,” Hicks said. “I mean I really don’t use the tanning beds, so I will still go here. I hope whatever happens to that person is rightly justified,” Stover added.

Both the Store Manager, and the District Manager have not made a comment at this time as the investigation is still ongoing with the Beckley Police.


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