Queen Elizabeth II will be quarantined until Easter

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The coronavirus pandemic forced members of the royal family to refrain from public exits and cancel the planned events. Queen Elizabeth II, 93, who will not leave Windsor Castle until Easter, paid special attention to self-isolation. How quarantine will take place in the castle and what Her Majesty will eat – read the news.

According to The Daily Mail, the Queen of Great Britain will leave Buckingham Palace on Thursday, March 19. Her Majesty decided to spend several weeks in quarantine in Windsor. According to preliminary data, Elizabeth II will remain in self-isolation until April 12, 2020.

The Queen also listened to the advice during the pandemic: she canceled all the planned activities and reduced the staff at Windsor Castle to a few people. It is interesting that Elizabeth II will go to her residence herself, and her husband, Prince Philip, will quarantine the cottage in Sandrigem.

Chef Darren McGredy, who has been working for the royal family for 15 years, has also revealed the secrets of nutrition for representatives of the monarchy. According to him, the favorite dish of Elizabeth II is Irish stew. Therefore, he suggests that, during quarantine, Her Majesty will not forget about these culinary preferences. In addition, the queen is a lover of chocolate, a stock of which is in Windsor.

The Queen will go to Windsor Castle for a long vacation. She will be there in isolation … The Queen loves chocolate. She loves chocolate cakes. This time is not for diet, but for relaxation,
”said Darren McGredy.

The man added that Queen Elizabeth II did not accidentally choose the Windsor Castle since a farm is located on its territory. Therefore, during quarantine, Her Majesty will eat eco-products.

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