The star “House-2” spoke about tumors after breast surgery

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The girl had an operation just six months ago. A participant in the show “Dom-2” Milena Bezborodova does not hide that she uses the services of plastic surgeons. By the age of 19, the girl had already tried Botox injections on herself to correct the contour of her face, plasticized her lips and enlarged her breasts.

Star "House-2" after the operation
A photo @buff_tipsy

“Lesha (Alexey Bezus, a participant of Dom-2, – Note to was not allowed for almost a year,” Milena admitted to her subscribers. – Therefore, I did not and said that I would never do breasts. Well, or I’ll do it only after childbirth. Suddenly, Lesha no longer became so categorical and allowed me to do this operation. ”

Six months ago, Milena increased her breasts to the third size and at first, she was very happy.

“The initial one was 1.5-2, depending on the cycle. It was difficult for me to find a comfortable bra because they didn’t look very good at me, so for almost a year, I wore the same bra … The same problem with swimwear. ”

Star "House-2" before the operation
Milena Bezborodova to … A photo @buff_tipsy
Star "House-2" after the operation
and after surgery A photo @buff_tipsy

But then the problems began. Milena and Alex began to quarrel more, and recently the girl felt discomfort in the chest area. Bezborodova went to see a mammologist and found out that she had grown small tumors.

“I already had these tumors, they were already removed. Now they reappeared. I need observation. Now they do not need to be deleted, ”Bezborodova said.

A photo @buff_tipsy

Milena admitted that she had lived with a tumor in her chest for several years and was very shy about it.

“Even letting Lesha touch my chest was scary. I was afraid he would think that I had something strange there. But he didn’t say anything, and I decided that everything was fine, ”says a participant in the reality show.

But then the girl decided to remove the tumor, and at the same time to enlarge her breast. Unfortunately, neoplasms reappeared.

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