Time for a son and self-development: Tina Karol told how her life in quarantine has changed

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Over the past few days, the Ukrainian government has taken enhanced security measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. So, most families ended up in quarantine. Singer Tina Karol admitted that she consciously refers to the problem and has already decided how to spend time in isolation.

By their own example, Ukrainian stars demonstrate that they should not panic and turn national quarantine into a real tragedy. So, in the studio “Breakfast with 1 + 1” Tina Karol, who was one of the first in the open spaces of the domestic show business to respond to the outbreak of coronavirus, expressed her own attitude towards the pandemic.

The performer does not hide that the outbreak of the disease affected the usual rhythm of life. She is convinced that modern circumstances will help Ukrainians to take more care of their health and protect the body.

Now contact with people is significantly limited. We live in a new reality, we have never encountered this before, and today we need to accept this challenge, find strength, calmness, and balance in ourselves … We will all learn the rules of hygiene,
”Tina Karol commented.

The singer noted that you should not sow panic, but you should take care of and support each other. In addition, Tina Karol emphasized that quarantine uses as an opportunity to spend time with her son, who suspended his studies in London and is in Ukraine next to his mother: “For me, it was a real challenge: they close the sky, and the child has to go home.”

For joint leisure with her son Benjamin, she chose to study languages ​​- English and French, which the boy speaks. Tina Karol herself promised in return to pull her son up in music.

As of March 17, in Ukraine, there are 7 confirmed cases of coronavirus, one of which is fatal. Four patients – in the Chernivtsi region. The first patient finally recovers; a coronavirus test for the first time showed a negative result. Two more cases were. One patient contacted a woman from Radomyshl who died of coronavirus, another patient returned from a resort in France.

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