Twitch Suspended Streamer Quqco For Her “Sexually Suggestive” Cosplay


The idea that there’s rampant sexism on Twitch is an understatement. It’s been shown again and again what a hostile space Twitch can be for female streamers. A reported showed that “Female channels are characterized by words about physical appearance, the body, relationships, and greetings while male channels are characterized by game-related words. The content in female channels share common words that signal objectification.” 

In fact, Kotaku found a “Boob Police” who literally go through Twitch and look for women they think are “violating” Twitch’s guidelines and troll them.

Would Quqco be treated the same way if she were a man? Sadly, probably not. In fact, just a month ago, male gamer xQx literally streamed pornographic content during a live broadcast (he showed a man’s penis). And he was only suspended for 24 hours, versus Quqco, who is suspended for three days for “too short” of a dress. It’s undeniable that Twitch’s guidelines are very much slanted against women streamers.

Regardless, Twitch has been cracking down on “NSFW” content, and it seems like women are unfairly getting the worst of it. 


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