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FAIRMONT — A Fairmont woman is facing a felony charge in Martin County.

Joselisa Alvarado, 25, has been charged with damage to property in the first degree, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

According to the complaint:

On April 3, Fairmont police officers were dispatched to a report of a fight in progress in the Cutting Edge Fitness parking lot. Upon arrival, an officer observed four individuals arguing loudly. The officer made his way toward one of the individuals, later identified as Alvarado, who was pointing her finger in a man’s face. It was later determined that the man had allegedly assaulted Alvarado. Officers took statements from the individuals at the scene.

Alvarado was breathing heavily and an officer asked her to sit down on the curb. Alvarado did not want to listen to the officer but later complied after a relative came over.

About this time, officers observed a number of other individuals begin walking into the parking lot, one of whom was an adult female.

An officer observed Alvarado get up off the curb and run toward the woman and another woman with her. Officers observed Alvarado strike the woman and then grab her hair with such force that it pulled the woman backward. An officer put Alvarado in a hold and was eventually able to separate the participants.

Another officer later met with the woman, who was the owner of the vehicle driven by the man who allegedly assaulted Alvarado. The woman indicated there was damage to her vehicle. It was earlier alleged that Alvarado had thrown rocks at the male after they had been separated.

The officer observed the damaged vehicle, and the damage appeared to be fresh. Another officer spoke with Alvarado, who indicated she threw a rock at the man. She said he was standing by the vehicle at the time.

An officer later spoke with Alvarado’s relative, who confirmed she saw Alvarado throw at least one rock. She demonstrated with her hands how big the rock was. It was estimated to be 3 inches in diameter. The owner of the vehicle obtained an estimate showing the cost to repair the damage to her vehicle was $1,922.98


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