Woman praised for bikini photo of stretch marks, cellulite


A former fitness blogger and YouTube star who turned her back on dieting and embraced her “real” body has shared a stunning bikini photo with a powerful message that’s earning praise from fans.

Kate Writer took to Instagram to plead with people to “normalise” parts of our bodies that many have deemed “shameful” — including cellulite, stretch marks, back rolls and flabby arms.

With it she shared a snap of herself rocking a blue string-tie bikini, sharing her “real” body with her 135,000 followers in a bid to inspire and encourage them to “love the skin we’re in”.

Since sharing the photo on her social media account yesterday, the teacher from Long Jetty NSW has been inundated with supportive messages.

“What’s the actual reason why we ‘hate’ (our body parts) and why aren’t we confident enough to show them off? Lets get real, we weren’t born hating these parts of our bodies, so what’s changed?” she wrote.

“Call me crazy, but I’m here to tell you that you do NOT need abs to enjoy summer, you don’t need to be starving and deprived to wear a bikini and no one deserves to feel like they need to take up less space to fit in,” she continued.

She finished up by pleading with her followers to start “loving the skin we’re in (stretch marks included)” and told them to “stop hiding”.

“Time to stop waiting and start living,” she said.

Many praised the blogger, who initially gained a following for her incredible weight loss back in 2016, saying her post was the “positive message” we all need.

“I’m here for this and I’m not going to hide my beautiful body anymore. I love seeing real women with their flaws and all on my timeline,” one fan responded.

“Needs to be more of this on the gram and in real life,” another said.

“You are an absolute inspiration and I just hope one day I can accept myself the way you do. I needed this post today,” one said.

Another person responded: “I absolutely love reading your posts. They are so raw, so honest and hit home with hundreds of thousands of people. Thank you for being real and helping to build confidence within for so many, me included.”

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Kate regularly shares her before and afters, discussing back in June that after losing 50kg she felt “stuck” in a phase of being obsessed with dieting, hoping “that the thinner I was, the happier I’d be”.

But after gaining weight, she explained she would “much rather be curvier/bigger/thicker” if it meant she could be “free” from diet culture.

“When I was stuck in the diet mentality, I kept thinking that the smaller I got, the more I’d love myself. That the thinner I was, the happier I’d be. That the lower that number on the scales was, the worthier I became,” she wrote.

Despite losing more than 50kg, Kate said “it was never enough”.

“I’d always find something to pick at, to improve on, to fix. More weight to lose or a lower measurement to work towards, how messed up is that!?!

“It wasn’t until I realised that my worth is not dictated by my appearance or my weight that I was actually able to focus on other things.

“I was able to care less about my body, and more about who I was and things that actually matter in my life.”

Kate — who still eats well and trains but has “zero obsession” with diets — shared her weight loss story with news.com.au in 2016, explaining she’d initially gained weight because she loved takeaways.

Her decision to start dieting came when her then size-20 frame began giving her health issues, explaining her feet once became so swollen, she was left in crippling pain and unable to drive.

She went on to drop five dress sizes and used intense Crossfit workouts to maintain her weight loss without having to go under the knife.

Now a size 16, she’s embraced her natural figure and become a successful body positive ambassador, sharing videos about her journey to self-love on her YouTube channel Dedikated Lifestyle — where she said she no longer weighs herself and has accepted her “flaws”.

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